Go Digital & Increase Sales upto 30%

 Hi , I am Simran Jagtiani (Google Certified), to help your Organisation go-Digital !!

  •   Why should your Organisation go-Digital ?
     Well , for simple 3 reasons :
    1. Improve visibility and thereby "Branding"
    2. Increase Business leads
    3. Increase conversion of leads into Sales

  •   What all does go-Digital include ?
Well, many technical terms! Broadly it includes,
  • SEO (rank yourself high on Google)
  • SEM (People should easily find your product or service)
  • Branding and Analytics.


  •  Why train my employee/s ?
  • Well, Your employee knows your product / service the best.
  • Challenges your sales and marketing team face
  • The Management Policies of the company
  • Save Cost on external agencies, doing some digital marketing for you !
[ do read Don't Be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish !! ]

Many small and Mid-size companies are hiring Digital Marketing managers from us.

Save on cost. Train your existing Employees from BD, Sales & marketing team.

  •  Ok, then How do we go about ?

First , let me clear few myths :

  1. I am not going to charge you a fat fee or percentage of profit for Increasing your business
  2. I am not going to advice to change the way you do Business.
Second , let me clear some facts :

  1. You and your employees understand your business the best {and its challenges}
  2. Only, You and your employees understand your product. No one else !

Hear out some of the key HR Recruitment firms talk about how they benefitted from SCTPL Google Adwords and SEO Training.

In just 16 hours they learnt

  • Branding for their Own company
  • Branding and Ad making for their Clients
  • Ranking in Google's Top 3 slots by effective use of SEO
  • Tricks and tips of optimizing AdCampaigns
  • Reducing dependency on Job portals for JobPostings
  • Using Ad Extensions and Google MyBusiness as tools for Best Localizations.
  • Remarketing and Dynamic Marketing Tools
  • Certification on Google Adwords Fundamentals

When are you booking yourself to gain Adwords/SEO Expertise..?

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hi , this Hemin Joshi. Working partner and one of founding members of gstedge.com I never knew the power of "going Digital". In simple words , I learned the techniques , tricks and tools to take my e-gst filling product at the Digital Marketing and Branding Course conducted by Simran Jagtiani. During the course itself her techniques , helped me increase sales leads by at-least 40 % and improve branding of my company. I believe every entrepreneur should connect with Simran Madam and understand that simply having a facebook or linkedin page is not Digital, its much beyond and bigger. My ROI is 100% in just 2 months of the programme. Also my company around is saving around 2 LPA on digital Marketing and Branding exercises - outsourced to external agencies. We have in-house interns doing a good Job at 1/10th the price. In-fact, I come to understand that many Tech start-ups are hiring SEO or goDigital Interns from her.

Hemin Joshi, Android & iOS Developer, Founder and Partner at gstEdge.com

Employee Training & Google Certification

When to meet ?

Every Sat of Month + 3 Sundays OR Public Holidays

Training Duration ?

14 Saturdays (Approx 4 Months)

**Carry your own Laptop

Fees ?

₹ 19950 /- Avail Year end Offer
₹ 10950 + gst (per participant)

Contact: simran@suvenconsultants.com
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I work for FedEx. My team here needed to promote certain new services digitally. Our company is very employee friendly, and invest in employee skill upgrade programmes. I researched and heard from my seniors that the best option for learning every thing to go digital , managing Ad campaigns, increasing back-links, implementing the best SEO techniques is to consult Simran Jagtiani. Her technique of teaching is very practical and largely case study driven on our own company. In fact, her course is also very competitively priced.

Surendra Yadav, Working at FedEx

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